Electric & Hybrid Cars

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Electric Cars

On the last one I mentioned that I believe there are 2 major things that we, the average working class citizens, could do to make a world of difference for our planet and the future generations to come.

I want to go back and forth between the two topics to mix things up a little bit and keep things interesting and the discussion going. Just like using solar energy roofing in place of our normal sources for electricity, I believe that implementing electric or hybrid cars could help save our planet.

Small Changes = Great Impact

I know that there is a lot of debate going around on whether or not electric cars will ever really catch on as being the norm for people and their cars. One of the biggest debates I have heard is that electric cars simply aren’t practical enough and they won’t give you the same amount of power and dependency that a normal gas engine can provide.

oilThis side of the argument is becoming harder and harder to defend as more advanced models and technology are developing every day. These electric cars aren’t what they used to be and some of the newer models seem to be even more powerful than standard engines.

Even if you don’t want to go the full electric route, enough people going hybrid could have just as much of an impact. If every person lowered the amount of fossil fuel they use on a daily basis around the world, then the results would be nothing short of amazing. At least for everyone who isn’t in the oil industry, which is again where the problem lies.