If It Were Up To Me…

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Corporate Greed

Now this might be easy for me to say as I sit here in my house owned by my parents without a million dollars in the bank like the big oil and gas companies, but I really feel like if I were in charge I would feel absolutely compelled to create some sort of tax break for those who are trying to make the change to solar power.

I really can’t even fathom the thought of big business guys sitting in a room thinking of ways they can take pay cuts for anyone, let alone for people who are trying to take their business away. Could you imagine if every person went with solar panels and not from electric companies?

I guess that’s just the way the world works though, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

What Will it Take?

I hate sounding so pessimistic about this whole topic, but I really don’t see an end to this problem until we are faced with devastating consequences. Sometimes I look at our country and the problems we have like a college student looks at a term paper.

Who hasn’t done this? You know you have all semester to work on a paper that is going to be due, but you end up waiting to the last possible minute to pull an all nighter and power through just in time to turn it in. That’s the way I look at our energy crisis. We are going to wait and wait around until that “term paper” is due and we are all neck deep in ocean water.

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