Once Again, It’s About the Money

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Solar Roofing

Now for most of us out here, completely switching over to solar energy or electric cars isn’t the most practical thing we can do. At this point in time, it isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do and it really is a major change to our lives.

Most people don’t like change but if we could just slowly transition everyone into thinking about the environment and the impact we are having, just maybe we could make this sort of alternative energy resources the norm.

Solar Energy for Our Cars!

sunIn a perfect world, it would be incredible if we could derive our energy from the sun using solar panels and use it to power up our electric cars. Apparently, Tesla – Solar Energy thinks it’s a good idea too and is among the first to offer such a product which you can see in that link. Think about it; combing these two alternatives could completely eliminate the need for fossil fuel for our cars and our electric energy usage would be next to nothing. But unfortunately, it is much easier said than done.

Remember the story about my father working for the casino? Well a couple years my family moved into a new home in another state and out of curiosity, my dad called up another roofing company to see exactly how much solar panels would cost for a family home.

To give them credit, Chesterfield Roofing – Roofers for Hire was the company we called and unfortunately this story doesn’t end as happily as the other. Although they didn’t have the panels on hand, they said they were able to order and install them for us to what amounted to a small fortune.

My dad never told me the exact amount but he didn’t have to, it was completely out of our budget and out of the question. This seems to be the case with electric cars as well because this sort of idea is so new but as the problem with our environment gets worse, hopefully this will be a problem that we can overcome sooner rather than later.

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