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Corporate Greed

If you were curious enough to read my about me page, you know that I am a recent graduate so I obviously have been gifted with an enormous amount of extra free time to read about things that I am actually interested in and do my own research. I’m not saying college was a waste of time but anyone who has gone through the whole thing knows that there are plenty of times where you feel like your time would be better spent somewhere else.

Now that I have this spare time, I have spent a lot of it researching opposition to alternative energy resources and global warming and I have found it absolutely fascinating. After much time doing this, I have noticed one general theme among those who oppose research alternative energy resources.

Follow the Money!

In almost every single instance of real opposition, there is some large investment in our current energy resources and looking for alternatives would cost those few a lot of money.

The opposition seems to be coming from a very select few groups, but the problem is that those select few carry a VERY large amount of money which in turn means a lot of power and influence.

Go ahead and look for yourself. Even the politicians who have no direct business with our fossil fuel industry have some sort of ties with the big guys up top who do directly deal with it. This means that the money the big corporations are raking in is being used and given to politicians who help make this decisions.

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