My Goal

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Solar Roofing

So what’s the point of this whole thing and where am I going with all of it?

Well, if you couldn’t tell by now, I really genuinely care about our planet and I want to do everything in my power to do my part. As I am sitting here now as a broke recent college graduate looking for a job, this page is the best I can think of doing right now.

My real goal is to simply get people talking about our current situation and hopefully help convince some people that there really are things that we all can do to greatly improve our planet for future generations.

My Future Plans

solar-roofLike many people out there, I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life as far as a career goes but I do know that it has to be something along the lines of helping the environment. In a perfect world, I would be the head of the EPA and actually have some say in some of the decisions that are happening in our country.

As of now, I am still trying to convince my parents to consider going solar for our roof and power supply. Well, at least for some of it. After writing about my father reaching out to a roofing company in regards to going solar, I decided to do my own little research and I am determined to make this happen in my future.

According to some consumer reports, it isn’t cheap. This also seems to be the answer I have gotten from other standard companies that offer roof repair st. peters, mo that were different from who my father went to. As of now, this is obviously completely out of my budget and I think I need to worry about actually owning a home first. But I feel as though this is the first step in the right direction that many of us can take. We have to start somewhere and for me, this is where it begins.

If It Were Up To Me…

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Corporate Greed

Now this might be easy for me to say as I sit here in my house owned by my parents without a million dollars in the bank like the big oil and gas companies, but I really feel like if I were in charge I would feel absolutely compelled to create some sort of tax break for those who are trying to make the change to solar power.

I really can’t even fathom the thought of big business guys sitting in a room thinking of ways they can take pay cuts for anyone, let alone for people who are trying to take their business away. Could you imagine if every person went with solar panels and not from electric companies?

I guess that’s just the way the world works though, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

What Will it Take?

I hate sounding so pessimistic about this whole topic, but I really don’t see an end to this problem until we are faced with devastating consequences. Sometimes I look at our country and the problems we have like a college student looks at a term paper.

Who hasn’t done this? You know you have all semester to work on a paper that is going to be due, but you end up waiting to the last possible minute to pull an all nighter and power through just in time to turn it in. That’s the way I look at our energy crisis. We are going to wait and wait around until that “term paper” is due and we are all neck deep in ocean water.

Once Again, It’s About the Money

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Solar Roofing

Now for most of us out here, completely switching over to solar energy or electric cars isn’t the most practical thing we can do. At this point in time, it isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do and it really is a major change to our lives.

Most people don’t like change but if we could just slowly transition everyone into thinking about the environment and the impact we are having, just maybe we could make this sort of alternative energy resources the norm.

Solar Energy for Our Cars!

sunIn a perfect world, it would be incredible if we could derive our energy from the sun using solar panels and use it to power up our electric cars. Apparently, Tesla – Solar Energy thinks it’s a good idea too and is among the first to offer such a product which you can see in that link. Think about it; combing these two alternatives could completely eliminate the need for fossil fuel for our cars and our electric energy usage would be next to nothing. But unfortunately, it is much easier said than done.

Remember the story about my father working for the casino? Well a couple years my family moved into a new home in another state and out of curiosity, my dad called up another roofing company to see exactly how much solar panels would cost for a family home.

To give them credit, Chesterfield Roofing – Roofers for Hire was the company we called and unfortunately this story doesn’t end as happily as the other. Although they didn’t have the panels on hand, they said they were able to order and install them for us to what amounted to a small fortune.

My dad never told me the exact amount but he didn’t have to, it was completely out of our budget and out of the question. This seems to be the case with electric cars as well because this sort of idea is so new but as the problem with our environment gets worse, hopefully this will be a problem that we can overcome sooner rather than later.

Electric & Hybrid Cars

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Electric Cars

On the last one I mentioned that I believe there are 2 major things that we, the average working class citizens, could do to make a world of difference for our planet and the future generations to come.

I want to go back and forth between the two topics to mix things up a little bit and keep things interesting and the discussion going. Just like using solar energy roofing in place of our normal sources for electricity, I believe that implementing electric or hybrid cars could help save our planet.

Small Changes = Great Impact

I know that there is a lot of debate going around on whether or not electric cars will ever really catch on as being the norm for people and their cars. One of the biggest debates I have heard is that electric cars simply aren’t practical enough and they won’t give you the same amount of power and dependency that a normal gas engine can provide.

oilThis side of the argument is becoming harder and harder to defend as more advanced models and technology are developing every day. These electric cars aren’t what they used to be and some of the newer models seem to be even more powerful than standard engines.

Even if you don’t want to go the full electric route, enough people going hybrid could have just as much of an impact. If every person lowered the amount of fossil fuel they use on a daily basis around the world, then the results would be nothing short of amazing. At least for everyone who isn’t in the oil industry, which is again where the problem lies.

Solar Roof Panels

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Solar Roofing

While looking back at my last few ideas I realized that this is sort of turning into a depressing and what seems like a hopeless topic. This wasn’t my intentions when I brought this page back but for me and a lot of other people out there, this is a pretty sad topic in general.

No one likes to talk about the destruction of our planet or how a few filthy rich people around the world are to blame for it, but facts are facts and ignoring the problem isn’t going to do any good.

A Little Bit From A Lot of People

solar2In my opinion, there are 2 things that the general population can do that would greatly benefit our planet as a whole (and just maybe take a few bucks out of corporate pockets). Since we have been talking about the oil industry already, let’s change gears and talk a little bit about solar energy.

Back when I lived with my dad in Tulsa, my father worked for a casino that had solar panels installed right on top of their roof. He was actually the building architect for the entire casino and was in charge of working with the contractors that they hired to make sure everything went smooth.

I remember when it was first happening and how excited my dad was to be making such a great change for his company and the environment (and I wonder where my love for the Earth came from). Here was the commercial roofing company that they hired for the job and I tell you who it was because it made such an amazing impact on my dad’s position in his job. His bosses loved it and literally cut their electric bills almost in half.

So now you might be wondering why can’t everyone just have solar panels installed on their roofs? Well the problem is similar to what I was mentioning before… It’s not cheap.

Big Business

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Corporate Greed

Has anyone else found that even though comedians obviously poke fun at a lot of problems in the world, their opinions and concerns are actually spot on and completely warranted?

It’s funny because one of my favorite comedians out there today brought up an interesting point on a podcast that really got me thinking. If you have ever heard of him, Bill Burr will definitely be the first one to say that he isn’t the most informed guy out there but it is really hard to argue with a lot of the things he talks about.

The point he was trying to make was that over the 100 years or so that cars have been around, the miles per gallon that they get today has been improved so little while technology in every other regard has been improved so exponentially, that it is impossible to believe that big business isn’t preventing an improved and more environmentally friendly engine.

Less MPG=Less $$$

gasThis is exactly the point I was talking about yesterday in regards to big businesses purposely trying to get in the way of alternative energy resources. Let’s face it, the oil industry is a multi BILLION dollar business and if engines all around the world worked so that they got 100 miles per gallon as opposed to 20-30, this would cost these all powerful corporations to lose millions of dollars.

We all know what the mentality is of these billionaires and what they would do to maintain their profits coming in.

Unfortunately, our Earth is the price we have to pay to keep the rich even richer.

Who’s Stopping the Discussion?

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Corporate Greed

If you were curious enough to read my about me page, you know that I am a recent graduate so I obviously have been gifted with an enormous amount of extra free time to read about things that I am actually interested in and do my own research. I’m not saying college was a waste of time but anyone who has gone through the whole thing knows that there are plenty of times where you feel like your time would be better spent somewhere else.

Now that I have this spare time, I have spent a lot of it researching opposition to alternative energy resources and global warming and I have found it absolutely fascinating. After much time doing this, I have noticed one general theme among those who oppose research alternative energy resources.

Follow the Money!

In almost every single instance of real opposition, there is some large investment in our current energy resources and looking for alternatives would cost those few a lot of money.

The opposition seems to be coming from a very select few groups, but the problem is that those select few carry a VERY large amount of money which in turn means a lot of power and influence.

Go ahead and look for yourself. Even the politicians who have no direct business with our fossil fuel industry have some sort of ties with the big guys up top who do directly deal with it. This means that the money the big corporations are raking in is being used and given to politicians who help make this decisions.

Want to or not, We need to have this Discussion

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Alternative Energy

solar-panelI don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like the talk surrounding alternative energy sources seems to be fading away along with global warming and other environmental issues that are wreaking havoc on our planet.

I don’t know if it’s corporate money fueling the hidden problems we are facing or just sheer ignorance, but if something isn’t done we are going to be leaving the generations to come with an enormous mess that they had no part in creating.

We Need To Talk

I think one of the first and most important things we can be doing to try and help out our environment is to simply begin talking about it again. Like I said before, it seems as though everyone was aware of our need to begin finding some alternative sources of energy but as time goes on, the awareness and peoples’ desires to change seems to be dwindling.

So why should we even care about this problem? Is global warming really that big of a problem?

Well, simply put, the answer is absolutely to both of those questions. There is not a credible scientist alive who discredits global warming and anyone who knows anything about the fossil fuel industry is well aware of the damage they are causing to our planet. I am simply attempting to bring this topic back on the table in hopes to get those who feel the same to come out and speak together.